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Democrat Vs Idealist by Puke T. A.

The contention is not usually between a democrat and an idealist or realist. The fundamental question in philosophy is the determination of which is primary; idealism or realism?
One must first ideate an idea before living it. Thus, it may be said that, a tutor is first an idealist before becoming a democrat. We must acknowledge that the quality of what a tutor ideates, the opinions formed, and the decisions made thereafter are all functions of the quality if information which may be obtained materially, spiritually or through other epistemological means. Experience has taught me that as a man thnks in his heart, so he is. But because a man can not live in isolation, whatever he thinks are further moderated and limited by the reality of the ecology of where he lives.
Hence, our obedience to rules, the submission of our liberty in the firm of loyalty to a Leviathan i.e. the all powerful ruler who provides leadership.
Written by Hon. T. A. Puke

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